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Of all the changes to the outdoor industry over the last decade, one that seems to only grow in scope is the influence of interior designers. Visit most any market showroom, and you’re bound to hear about the line’s designer-friendly options— read customizable and available for one-off orders. And the markets themselves have put considerable weight toward drawing these all-important buyers. “We have seen a tremendous shift in the way market operates over the last two decades, and increased designer attendance is certainly one of the top contributing factors,” says Tom Conley, president and CEO, High Point Market Authority. “We’ve seen manufacturers shift their entire business model to become more designer-friendly, opening up new revenue streams while also broadening product selection for designers. It’s been a very positive change for market, as well as the overall industry.” With a more sophisticated and informed consumer base thanks to the prevalence of design media such as HGTV, Houzz and Pinterest, the appetite for outdoor spaces with a bit more panache than the usual matchy-matchy patio group has put designers in high demand. “We see design professionals as an important and growing segment for outdoor and casual furnishings,” says Tim Newton, president, Watermark Living. “As outdoor spaces become more curated and the options available for decor are greater, the use of designers in residential, as well as contract applications, becomes more important.” For the casual category, designers represent a previously untapped source

of revenue, particularly for high-end manufacturers and those nimble enough to offer custom options. And even retailers get in on the action, with savvy store owners partnering with interior designers on both residential and contract projects or even hiring them on staff to offer design services to their customers. “We focus on this with designer inspired accessories, furnishing designs and fabric selections,” Newton says. “We also accommodate this segment with our designer-friendly looks and the ability to mix and match our product offerings. We also hand-craft custom cushions in Florida. Designer options can be added to cushions without an up-charge, including contrasting welt, buttons or ties.” Casual companies are joining forces with designers, too, for licensed lines like the Barclay Butera collection for Castelle, and for partnerships like Polywood’s new Design Ambassador program. Inaugural ambassadors Shayla Copas, Angelo Adamo and Farah Merhi will collaborate with Polywood on a variety of projects over the coming year. “We believe the collaborations with our design ambassadors will take our merchandising to the next level,” says Megan Pierson, SVP of business development, Polywood. Also recognizing the importance of designers, trade shows like High Point Market, Casual Market Chicago, Atlanta Market and Las Vegas Market added programming and events centered on designers. During the last Casual Market Chicago, theMART’s Design Center hosted Designer Day, which was just the latest part of the center’s year-round outreach to the design community. “The desire for sophisticated and thoughtful outdoor living spaces continues with no sign of slowing down,” says Beth Hicks, managing director, marketing, The Design Center and Casual Market Chicago. “The Design Center at theMART has 50 showrooms dedicated to outdoor furnishings that work with designers year-round for custom projects. As a result, we remain committed to offering programming created with designers in mind. “For instance, in March 2019, we host the Outdoor Design Conference—a one-day event dedicated to designers and trends/techniques around outdoor spaces. That commitment continues with Casual Market Chicago, welcoming over 250 exhibitors this September. It’s a natural fit to invite designers to experience the latest trends and product launches during the show.” And Atlanta, High Point and Las Vegas offer a spate of educational sessions that allow designers to learn, earn CEUs and immerse themselves in showrooms they might not ordinarily visit. “Designers shop market differently than retailers, and also have different expectations in terms of educational and social offerings,” says Conley. “Their interest in making market more of an experience—with a balance of product, education and networking—has had a transformative effect.” Casual companies capitalize on that trend with designer events. At the winter Las Vegas Market, OW Lee hosted a discussion with Casual Living and Designers Today featuring designers Breegan Jane, John Cialone, Michele Plachter and Libby Langdon on creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces. “Designers are an important avenue of business for OW Lee, and a lot of them are learning how lucrative the outdoor room can be,” says Leisa McCollister, vice president of marketing, OW Lee. “We market our brand to designers and educate them on the differences between indoor and outdoor. We also encourage designers to work with specialty dealers to ensure the best service and smooth delivery.” Watermark Living hosts an outdoor design event in April (see below)—further proof the designer impact on the industry isn’t merely a passing trend—it’s a business shift that’s here to stay. WANT MORE? Casual Living Editor in Chief Jennifer Bringle moderates a panel discussion with designers Libby Langdon, Christopher Grubb and Stephanie James on “Exterior Design: How to Create a Curated Look,” Sunday, April 7, noon-1 p.m. in the Watermark Living showroom (205 S. Main St.). Lunch will be served. Space is limited; RSVP to

Winter Interior Design Trends with Angelo Adamo

Winter Interior Design Trends with Angelo Adamo

Click video below.

Topic Art by You Be Are

Topic art, wallpaper and Asian antiques in modern, western home decor.

Traverse City Designer Angelo Adamo is back from another trip to the Las Vegas Market, and he’s sharing the trends that caught his eye in the video above!

For more design advice, visit Angelo Adamo Design’s blog at

These Home Interior Trends Can Freshen Up Your Spring Decor

These Home Interior Trends Can Freshen Up Your Spring Decor

Making the old new again. History repeats itself in life—and apparently in interior design.

If you’re wondering what “art deco” and “mid-century modern” styles are, Interior Designer Angelo Adamo can help with that.

Adamo went to the Las Vegas Market to check out the hottest trends in home décor.

“Designers and buyers are looking for three things in these two styles—comfort, color and texture,” Adamo says.

Watch the video above for a look at how you can incorporate these two trends into your home design this spring.

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Component construction system is transformative

Component construction system is transformative
JLA delivers quality, sustainable design on an accelerated timeline
Rending by JLA – Model Home in Petoskey, Michigan – Interiors by Angelo Adamo Design
To be completed May 2019

JonathanLee Architects (JLA) is breaking new ground in modular construction. Backed by decades ofexperience in residential design and years of research and development, JLA ispioneering new means and methods that save time, conserve resources andminimize waste. 

Component homes by JLA

The goal—create a one-stop-shop thatcan produce beautiful, efficient, functional spaces more quickly and moreaffordably than traditional construction methods can.

Component homes by JLA -Interior by Angelo Adamo Design

To that end, JLA is collaborating withAngelo Adamo Design of Traverse City. Angelo is an accomplished designer with akeen eye and a profound understanding of interior spaces and how we experiencethem.  A first-generationItalian/Australian, Angelo has established a design philosophy based on the scienceof perception using his modernist approach toward comfortable living. Angelo encouragesmeaningful and harmonious environments by fusing emotions to texture, color andscent.

Component Homes by JLA & Interiors by Angelo Adamo Design – A new way of living.

Together, JLA and Angelo AdamoDesign are transforming an industry—changing not only the way we build, but theway we think about design and the role it plays in our lives.

Cape Cod Component home by JLA

For more information, please contact Jonathan Lee Architects – or
Angelo Adamo Design –




South Beach Chairs from POLYWOOD

Syracuse, IN – POLYWOOD, the originator of outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic materials, officially introduced their Design Ambassador Program for 2019. The company has collaborated with three prominent interior designers who will pair their own unique styles to create beautiful outdoor spaces with POLYWOOD furniture.

“There’s a shift happening in the market which speaks directly to our foundation at POLYWOOD. Our founders’ original mission of stewardship, to do something meaningful for future generations, remains at our core,” stated Megan Pierson, SVP of Business Development. “Sustainability in design continues to gain momentum and we’re thrilled to team up with talented designers to help us to tell that story.”

Along with increased consumer interest in sustainable outdoor materials, outdoor spaces are becoming an extension of the indoors. “Everything from furniture and decor (pillows, ottomans, rugs, decorative accents) are now being designed specifically to look like indoor furniture and decor, but for your outdoor space,” explained Farah Merhi, Founder of Inspire Me! Home Decor. “This allows us to create beautiful outdoor sanctuaries that feel just as cozy as your indoor space.”

2019 POLYWOOD Design Ambassadors include:

  • Shayla Copas, Author, IDS, Founder and Principal Designer of Shayla Copas Interiors

“After touring the POLYWOOD campus and gaining an understanding of the
integrity of POLYWOOD products, I knew immediately they were a company I
wanted to work with. Not only does POLYWOOD build products with longevity, they build relationships that last a lifetime.” -Shayla

  • Farah Merhi, Founder and CEO of the Inspire Me! Home Decor Brand, the most followed home decor platform on Instagram. Designer of the Inspire Me! furniture and home decor line. Influencer, Entrepreneur.

“The moment I heard the POLYWOOD brand story and experienced for myself how durable the furniture is, I was sold! Their focus is to offer their customers products that are environmentally friendly, visually appealing and made to withstand the test of time. That’s a powerful combination! I’m excited to be working with a company that truly focuses on their customer’s needs.” -Farah

  • Angelo Adamo, International Interior Designer, Interior Branding Expert, Founder and Principal Designer of Angelo Adamo Design

“POLYWOOD is more than a line of products. It’s a philosophy. They’ve created an entire business model around sustainability and an appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors. As an Australian, I am passionate about protecting our natural resources and encouraging stewardship of our environment. I’m thrilled to represent a company whose products speak to the way I choose to live.” -Angelo

Together the design ambassadors will collaborate with POLYWOOD on a wide variety of projects throughout 2019. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Shayla, Farah, and Angelo,” said Lindsay Schleis, VP of Business Development. “Their work, insight, and perspectives are nothing less than genuine — they represent who we are perfectly, each in their own unique way.”

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In the late 1980’s government mandated recycling programs were in full swing. As the use of plastic in the U.S. grew, the need to transform the overabundance of recycled plastic into something new was greater than ever. POLYWOOD saw an opportunity in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic specifically — an extremely durable and weather resistant material, perfect for outdoor furniture. Today, POLYWOOD recycles an average of 400,000 milk jugs per day. Truckloads of recycled milk jugs are transformed into genuine POLYWOOD lumber which is then used to construct the wide array of POLYWOOD Adirondack chairs, rocking chairs, benches, gliders, deep seating, dining, and more!

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Lindsay Schleis |  |  phone #574-325-5221