Top picks in May – Serena and Lily

Top picks in May – Serena and Lily

I could spend hours on the Serena and Lily’s website (  Earthy and neutral colors and vintage patterns will allow you to mix and match with majority of their product line.   You can’t beat the variety of pillow selections from solid colors, embroidery, fringe edges, and patterns.

There is a come back of natural rattan and woven materials which Serena and Lily does very well.  You can custom set your dining table with corner benches which are now in fashion.  There are also quality table lamps that can be displayed in all rooms of the house.

I will definitely be using Serena and Lily in my current residential design and I am looking forward to show you how I position these selections very soon.


May Picks 2018


A – Ross Dining Bench


B – Vintage Olympia Pillows
Pillows 1
C- Mason Swing Arm Sconce

Swing Arm Lamp

D – Huntington Baskets (Indigo)


E – Abbott Table Lamp

Abbot Lamp

F- Cove Rattan Lanterns



G- Riviera Counter Stool


HIGH POINT MARKET, APRIL 2018 – Developing a Sense of Belonging

HIGH POINT MARKET, APRIL 2018 – Developing a Sense of Belonging

What a successful week at the High Point Furniture Market with new exciting materials and furniture that are representing the trends of today.  It was such a privilege to be a member of the “Instagram Takeover” where designers identify the hot trends from this year’s spring market.

Angelo at Europe2you

It became obvious to me as the Fresh to Follow designer, that my topic Design to Create Memories was evident with the fashion from the market. Creative directors are using memories of their past as an influence for styles and colors. These talented group of professionals are in the 30-40 age group, so the 70’s decade has now a strong element in what we are experiencing today.

Design to Create Memories is about analyzing styles and space from someone’s emotional past and present. It’s design that’s more than just an object or a thing. To create a moment which reflects the combination of senses that’s nurtured through time and to connect and understand colors, textures, sounds, tastes, and aromas, that’s associated to your environment.  It’s going back to the design that resembles who you are without the interference of social media, technology, and furniture manufacturers.

Christopher Guy, Angelo, and Jane Syemour

It was a privilege to meet Jane Seymour and Christopher Guy, two very talented artists.

Fresh to Follow Instagram Series


It was an easy decision to select europe2you as an exhibitor to follow. Their products are clean, beautiful, majestic, and traditional.  You could possibly blend anything from their product line, especially their glass and lighting fixtures.

Light Fixtures that feel like France from europe2you

Bungalow 5

I have such vivid memories when living and working as a designer in NYC.  Meeting Luca Rensi (Part owner of Bungalow 5) was a highlight. We were both designers for high-end residential firms, and now he leads the way with exceptional occasional side tables, lighting, furniture, bookshelves, accessories, etc., …  He has captured the cool style of NYC that Bungalow 5 now represents.

Bungalow 5 2Bungalow 5 3
NYC style living from Bungalow 5


It was such an enjoyable and refreshing surprise discovering Salamant from California. Carefree and holistic is what I can describe their image.  Natural materials mixed with clever shapes and forms allows Selamant to be daring and a little different.

West Coast Influences from Selama


One of the highlights was hanging out with a dear friend who is the creative director for Larry Laslo, a recognizable NYC design firm.  Julio Jimenez has exceptional taste and charisma which is why having him along with me to select new trends was a major highlight for me.

Angelo and Jimenez

Spending quality time with the creative director of Larry Laslo, Julio Jimenez

Larry Laslo continues to influence our interiors by designing upholstered furniture for Kravet.  Classic, high grade upholstery, Hamptons style, sophisticated, and a little Florida, describes the style of Larry Laslo’s Kravet line.

Kravet 2Kravet 1
                                               Larry Laslo for Kravet


If you are looking for fine furniture look no further than Thibaut. When you sit in their sofa or arm chair, you will realize that nothing will be more luxurious.  Plenty of traditional styles to choose from and their selection of fabrics ranges from modern to classical.

Thibuat 1

High end upholstery from Thibaut

Christopher Guy

If you want to talk about making a statement in the interior design world then Christopher Guy is the King of the Bold and Beautiful.  It’s like walking into a world of make-believe. The selection of étagères and art work are among the best for a high-end style.  It was such a pleasure to personally meet Christopher and celebrity Jane Seymour.

Christopher Guy

My favorite piece from the High Point 2018 April Market by Christopher Guy

Emdee International


The color of culture from Emdee International

I remember meeting Manju, Deepa, and Jenny when I first arrived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  They are such lovely people and their products are an indication of their personalities.  Soft, elegant, gentle, harmonious, and vibrant is a good representation of their window treatments and pillows.



It’s so hard not to source at Arteriors when looking for lighting.  They have cornered the market for unique lighting trends that have not yet been replicated.

Arteriors 2
Arteriors 1

 Original and sophisticated lighting from Arteriors

Janus et Cie

There is remarkable outdoor furniture from Janus et Cie.  All their pieces are beautifully tailored for comfortable outdoor seating and dining.  The Amari High Back Chair was a highlight as its unique weaving material and grand shape makes this chair very appealing.

Janus et Cie

A grand style chair from Janus et Cie


Cultural influences are strong at Surya with an emphasis on pattern and bold tones of color.  Many eclectic products, including rugs, lighting, pillows, and accent furniture to select from.


Not afraid of color ? Check out Surya

Company C for Norwalk

Norwalk is another reliable source for upholstered furniture and bedding.  I always enjoy the new selections of fabrics and styles at each market which Norwalk leads with their direction in fashion and styles.

Company C

New trends of fabrics and bedding from Company C for Norwalk

Franco Crea

It was exciting to introduce Franco Crea at my Fresh to Follow presentation.  Apart from Design to Create Memories, my other ambition is to bridge the culture gap in furniture in North America and Australia.  Franco is a very talented designer from Australia and our goal together is to manufacture his furniture in the USA for retail distribution.


The Mesa stool from Franco Crea

This 2018 Spring High Point Market was fun.  It was a great start for me to be a part of this exciting new change in the interior design industry and to better understand that the High Point Market is more than just objects.  It’s about designers, creative directors, business women and men, enjoying and celebrating their visions from the past and of the future. This allows for the buyer to select what truly matters, which is to develop a sense of belonging in this interior world.

Katharine and Angelo

My beautiful and brilliant wife, Katharine Laidlaw, at the Heart Ball of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Song of the Market –  John Legend ( Penthouse floor ft. Chance the Rapper )

I think this song is a good indication of the times we live in.  The fashion, music, politics, and the décor of the video clip definitely has a trend we are all currently experiencing.  It’s a good time to start creating good memories! I was listening to this song during the market.

“The NeoCon of the South”

“The NeoCon of the South”

It was a privilege to be the guest speaker for the new contract showroom for Furnitureland South.  Vey nice showroom with the best manufactures to select from and great consultants.  Congratulations to owners Jeff and Jason Harris and Director Daniel Whicker. Big things are happening for Furnitureland South.

Portrait of Jeff Jason and Me

Jeff and Jason Harris (Owners of Furnitureland South)Vignette
Contract Furnitureland South Showroom in North Carolina. 

Going through some changes.

Going through some changes.

Life is full of changes whether you like it or not, good or bad.  It can be unpredictable or something you are craving for.  It’s life’s motions of going back and forth, up or down.  I have this theory that there is never a right or wrong choice, but it’s how you perceive the next step of change.

martynbullard 1Schumacher 1

Cole & Son Wallpaper by Martyn Lawrence Ballard/ Schumacher new Fabric & Wallpaper

The colors, voices, and visions of your future are judged by you and only you. Life’s changes in your interior space is a representation of where you are now.  It’s your story of the moment that includes memories of your past.  However, it is important on how you put it all together.

Top Song for Change – Rhye ( Count To Five)

So far in 2018, there are big changes in fabric, tile, wallpaper, and furniture styles and selections.  Bold colors, intricate patterns, culture symbols, mixed use of materials, and abstract forms are making a loud noise in the interior world.   These are statements that yearn for more freedom, more movement, more glamour, and more reasons to be you.  It’s no doubt that changes are hard, but what I do know is that it’s never the wrong time to make the right change.  AA

Domus Tile - UK Mosaic TileBangalow 5 2

Mosaic Tile from Domus UK.                                               Shelving from Bungalow 5

Bungalo 5 1 Women 1

Side Tables from Bungalow 5                                         Floral Dress from Jil Sander 2018 Spring
Jil Sander Movie 3.PNGContrasting colors and abstract patterns from the new 2018 Spring Collection for Jil Sander

Holly Hunt 1

Tailored Sofa with a burnt orange fabric from Holly Hunt


Making Tomato Sauce in January

Making Tomato Sauce in January
Storytellers Series: Angelo Adamo
December 21, 2017
A series highlighting trendsetters, memories, and the market products they love



One day in January, my family in Adelaide (Australia) would gather together early morning, before frying your skin in the scorching Aussie summers, to make our annual tomato sauce. I am blessed in many ways but growing up as a first generation Italian in Australia is the best of all worlds.


My dad and I would visit the Torrens Island Market which is an outdoor market near the sea. The atmosphere is filled with colors and smells of the ocean and fresh foods from the local farmers. We would be there at 6am sharp to buy half a ton of ripe tomatoes for our sauce making.

Family members would arrive to Nonna’s (grandma in Italian) house to have a cup of espresso and biscotti before going through the routine of preparing the tomatoes for pureeing, bottling, and boiling. My mother, who was one of the best cooks in the world, would start arranging lunch that would typically consist of linguini with clams, eggplant parmesan (melanzane), salads, fresh Italian bread, watermelon, and of course wine.

ss-umbra-keenaLoud Calabrese music (southern region of Italy) was always in the background while the family would celebrate lunch together. Occasionally, depending on the amount of wine consumed, the older generation would start dancing around the table and the conversations would get little more expressive. This was when the lemoncello (liquor) would come out of the antique cabinet before commencing the afternoon shift of sauce making.

ss-creativecoopI remember my Nonna’s house like it was yesterday. My family immigrated in the early 1950’s so everything from the wallpaper to the table plates was authentic and traditionally classic. Even though there were clashes of patterns and colors, nothing felt out of place. All things of importance complimented each other. There was a perfect balance of neutral tones with heavier accents. Creating special memories isn’t all about how you decorate your space, but how you remember the moments and the everlasting impact of celebrating.

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