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Of all the changes to the outdoor industry over the last decade, one that seems to only grow in scope is the influence of interior designers. Visit most any market showroom, and you’re bound to hear about the line’s designer-friendly options— read customizable and available for one-off orders. And the markets themselves have put considerable weight toward drawing these all-important buyers. “We have seen a tremendous shift in the way market operates over the last two decades, and increased designer attendance is certainly one of the top contributing factors,” says Tom Conley, president and CEO, High Point Market Authority. “We’ve seen manufacturers shift their entire business model to become more designer-friendly, opening up new revenue streams while also broadening product selection for designers. It’s been a very positive change for market, as well as the overall industry.” With a more sophisticated and informed consumer base thanks to the prevalence of design media such as HGTV, Houzz and Pinterest, the appetite for outdoor spaces with a bit more panache than the usual matchy-matchy patio group has put designers in high demand. “We see design professionals as an important and growing segment for outdoor and casual furnishings,” says Tim Newton, president, Watermark Living. “As outdoor spaces become more curated and the options available for decor are greater, the use of designers in residential, as well as contract applications, becomes more important.” For the casual category, designers represent a previously untapped source

of revenue, particularly for high-end manufacturers and those nimble enough to offer custom options. And even retailers get in on the action, with savvy store owners partnering with interior designers on both residential and contract projects or even hiring them on staff to offer design services to their customers. “We focus on this with designer inspired accessories, furnishing designs and fabric selections,” Newton says. “We also accommodate this segment with our designer-friendly looks and the ability to mix and match our product offerings. We also hand-craft custom cushions in Florida. Designer options can be added to cushions without an up-charge, including contrasting welt, buttons or ties.” Casual companies are joining forces with designers, too, for licensed lines like the Barclay Butera collection for Castelle, and for partnerships like Polywood’s new Design Ambassador program. Inaugural ambassadors Shayla Copas, Angelo Adamo and Farah Merhi will collaborate with Polywood on a variety of projects over the coming year. “We believe the collaborations with our design ambassadors will take our merchandising to the next level,” says Megan Pierson, SVP of business development, Polywood. Also recognizing the importance of designers, trade shows like High Point Market, Casual Market Chicago, Atlanta Market and Las Vegas Market added programming and events centered on designers. During the last Casual Market Chicago, theMART’s Design Center hosted Designer Day, which was just the latest part of the center’s year-round outreach to the design community. “The desire for sophisticated and thoughtful outdoor living spaces continues with no sign of slowing down,” says Beth Hicks, managing director, marketing, The Design Center and Casual Market Chicago. “The Design Center at theMART has 50 showrooms dedicated to outdoor furnishings that work with designers year-round for custom projects. As a result, we remain committed to offering programming created with designers in mind. “For instance, in March 2019, we host the Outdoor Design Conference—a one-day event dedicated to designers and trends/techniques around outdoor spaces. That commitment continues with Casual Market Chicago, welcoming over 250 exhibitors this September. It’s a natural fit to invite designers to experience the latest trends and product launches during the show.” And Atlanta, High Point and Las Vegas offer a spate of educational sessions that allow designers to learn, earn CEUs and immerse themselves in showrooms they might not ordinarily visit. “Designers shop market differently than retailers, and also have different expectations in terms of educational and social offerings,” says Conley. “Their interest in making market more of an experience—with a balance of product, education and networking—has had a transformative effect.” Casual companies capitalize on that trend with designer events. At the winter Las Vegas Market, OW Lee hosted a discussion with Casual Living and Designers Today featuring designers Breegan Jane, John Cialone, Michele Plachter and Libby Langdon on creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces. “Designers are an important avenue of business for OW Lee, and a lot of them are learning how lucrative the outdoor room can be,” says Leisa McCollister, vice president of marketing, OW Lee. “We market our brand to designers and educate them on the differences between indoor and outdoor. We also encourage designers to work with specialty dealers to ensure the best service and smooth delivery.” Watermark Living hosts an outdoor design event in April (see below)—further proof the designer impact on the industry isn’t merely a passing trend—it’s a business shift that’s here to stay. WANT MORE? Casual Living Editor in Chief Jennifer Bringle moderates a panel discussion with designers Libby Langdon, Christopher Grubb and Stephanie James on “Exterior Design: How to Create a Curated Look,” Sunday, April 7, noon-1 p.m. in the Watermark Living showroom (205 S. Main St.). Lunch will be served. Space is limited; RSVP to

Winter Interior Design Trends with Angelo Adamo

Winter Interior Design Trends with Angelo Adamo

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Topic Art by You Be Are

Topic art, wallpaper and Asian antiques in modern, western home decor.

Traverse City Designer Angelo Adamo is back from another trip to the Las Vegas Market, and he’s sharing the trends that caught his eye in the video above!

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These Home Interior Trends Can Freshen Up Your Spring Decor

These Home Interior Trends Can Freshen Up Your Spring Decor

Making the old new again. History repeats itself in life—and apparently in interior design.

If you’re wondering what “art deco” and “mid-century modern” styles are, Interior Designer Angelo Adamo can help with that.

Adamo went to the Las Vegas Market to check out the hottest trends in home décor.

“Designers and buyers are looking for three things in these two styles—comfort, color and texture,” Adamo says.

Watch the video above for a look at how you can incorporate these two trends into your home design this spring.

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Live & Learn @ the Las Vegas Furniture Market – Winter 2019

Live & Learn @ the Las Vegas Furniture Market – Winter 2019

The Las Vegas Furniture Market (LVMkt) has become the modern interpreter for natural aesthetic and luxury living furnishings and home décor. LVMkt is an exciting and informative event that’s simple to navigate.

This was my second show as the “Fresh to Follow” and “Instagram Takeover” designer for International Marketing Center (IMC), who is the owner and operator for the market. Discovering new products is important as to getting to know the people behind the brand. For example, Lily from Lily’s Living who is from Beijing, China, has over 20 years of experience as an antique dealer. She is so passionate about her culture. Her goal is to represent Chinese antiques using a European weathered influence so that her products aren’t as bold or rigid as original antiques. She has a wonderful perception for culture and the ability to mix styles and traditions.

As a designer, I am looking for rich subdued hues, soft and warm tones, lush natural materials, and interesting patterns. It’s also important to me to connect with the owner or director so that their products become more then just an object or thing. What I have noticed about this market is that it isn’t just about furnishings or home décor. It is also about the people.

Interior Design should be a reflection of who you are. An interior space shouldn’t be a trend but rather a testament to your emotions and values.
Top Trends from the Winter Market 2019
  • Angelo’s top art

Eric and Jenny from St George, Utah created “You Be Are” in 2013. They offer the best of topic art with modern and tradition settings like my favorite, the Blue Agave. The composition of clean backgrounds with vibrant subjects can be applied to many styles of interiors.

  • Angelo’s top Wallpaper

Self adhesive wallpaper is genius! Great for apartment living or rentals. Adding texture to a wall is no longer a hindrance. Twin sisters from New Jersey, Jennifer and Julia, started Tempapar in 2009 and have influenced designers in wall patterns and textures. My favorite is L’AMOUR in metallic gold and white.

  • Angelos’s top Gift

It’s so inspiring to hear about two teen sisters, Isabel and Caroline, that created a booming business called daBOMB. Each fragrant fizzer is made by hand in the USA and has something fun inside when dissolved. It smells great too! My kids are now going to enjoy taking baths.

  • Angelo’s top Fine Furnishing

Handley Drive provides quality inspired interior furnishings. Business partners, Rick and Don, design furniture that’s to human scale, ideal for urban apartment living. The attention to detail is impeccable and their use of color is soothing and attractive.

  • Angelo’s top Home Furnishing

Lily’s Living is where the influence of antiques in the east meets the weathered finishes of the west. Her furniture is comfortable, especially the Naples slipcover sofa with whitewash linen fabrics and contemporary piping. Products also range from traditional Chinese pottery to farmhouse lighting.

  • Angelo’s top Home Décor

Meeting Claire Summers, who is also an Aussie, was such an heartening moment. She founded Gratitude Glass Jars, an act that allows you to capture the spirit of living, celebrating life events, sharing memories and expressing words of love in jar. Such a brilliant idea that administers a better way of life and a use for a jar!

Angelo’s Honorable Selections 

Currey & Company still leads the way in lighting fixtures. You can find materials like marine rope, brass, stained glass, metal, natural woods, and porcelain. Products are appealing because most fixtures are perfectly scaled for either large or small rooms. Great use of mixed materials is a highlight as well.

I was impressed with Feizy handmade rugs. Inky charcoal warm beige and inviting ivory create an approachable neutral palette in the Phoenix Collection. Handwoven of wool and cotton these tonal flatweaves feature easy-to-decorate with geometric motifs that seamlessly integrate into transitional and contemporary spaces alike with alluring textures that add intrigue.

Everything about Palecek is stunning. Their distinctive furniture, lighting, and accessories are amongst the most beautiful and elegantly manufactured. The use of natural materials is incorporated throughout their product line.

Bungalow 5 has the best of metropolitan style furnishings. The new Hunter collection takes its inspiration from a neo-classical design using fine leather and custom-cast metal fixtures and hardware.

Fresh to Follow 

I was fortunate to be a participant of the “Fresh to Follow” panel with the talented Breegan Jane and Jannicke Ramso. It was a productive session because the crowd asked questions on how to get an edge into todays interior design market. I think the common thread to become a competitive designer is to understand your values and evaluate your strategies towards branding. We all understand that styles and trends are subjective. What’s necessary is to develop a storyline that the client can relate to and live with. It would also help to attend the LVMkt and introduce yourself to new creative ideas and the people involved.

Thank you for reading my updates from the Winter Market 2019 and please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding this blog.



Video link of Angelo at the LVMkt Winter Market

Centering a room with a Lantern Pendant

Centering a room with a Lantern Pendant

I have noticed a trend in 2018 the use of metal lantern pendants.  The design of open rooms are driven by the use of natural woods, stone, and cooler colors for residential and commercial interiors.  A metal lantern provides a neutral palette with enough texture and density to balance an open room.  Finding the right lantern could be a struggle so I browsed the websites of my primary trade dealers that I rely on for quality and unique light fixtures.  Below are not top selections of lantern pendants from Circa Lighting, Hinkley Lighting, Arteriors, and Visual Comfort.  Visual Comfort and Circa Lighting have more lantern pendants to select from and there are typically 3 finishes available (aged iron, gilded iron, polished nickel).  My favorite is Thorton Pendant by Arteriors.


 Hinkley Lighting –  Clarendon Pendant (top left), Quentin Pendant (bottom left), Tinsley Pendant (right)

Arteriors  –  Thorton Pendant (top left), Mara Pendant (top right), Edmond Pendant (bottom)

Visual Comfort –  Plantation Lantern (left), Desmond Lantern (middle), Darlana Lantern (right)

Circa Lighting – Westminster Lantern (left), Star Lantern (left center), Neimann Weeks (right center), Greggory Lantern (right)