Design to Create Memories

Design to Create Memories
An amazing beach resort, Port Elliot, South Australia.

Joseph Vineyard

Joseph Vineyard – McLaren Vale, South Australia

I am not sure if I am still jet lagged from my trip back home to Adelaide that I last visited 7 years ago but I am feeling an out-of-body experience. Memories that I have kept with me since leaving Australia in 1996 I have now shared with my two beautiful daughters and wife. My appreciation for my family and the landscape for Adelaide is now deeper with even a greater bond between my heritage and land.

Star of Greece Cafe

My favorite restaurant in the world – The Star of Greece, Aldinga Beach, South Australia

This closeness has helped me develop a sensitivity to time and how we perceive our surroundings.  Building such memories filled with passion and emotion has given me a better understanding of the elements which affects our senses relating to the way we live and grow.

Central Market

The Central Market has a lot of memories for me as a child.  The aromas and visuals are remarkable.  Adelaide, South Australia

Design to Create Memories is my philosophy that I have established as a designer in the USA.  It’s the ability to connect to our senses in order to create an interior that relates to your story or perception.

Downtown Adelaide

The streets of downtown Adelaide.

“It’s design that goes beyond the things themselves, that looks at the people, the needs of changing world searching for new signals, as well as at beauty and emotion in the everyday things”.

Rundle Mall

The cosmopolitan vide of Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia.

Reaching a certain level of clarity is the key to meet the requirements when designing a space either for residential, workplace, or commercial interiors. Also, its important to establish relationships with the furniture markets, especially The High Point and Las Vegas Furniture Markets, that can bridge the search for culture experiences and to ignite a network of creative designers and businesses of the furniture and interior industry. These efforts will enable you to enhance the design to reach the full potential for positive memories and enjoyment for the client.

The Cube - d'Areberg

The Cube – A building concept that is inspired by the complexities of winemaking. d’Arenberg Vineyards, McLaren Vale, South Australia.

I have refueled my memories from the 2018 Aussie trip and I am now ready to present Design to Create Memories at the High Point Furniture Market on April 15th, and to be a part of a talented pool of designers for the Instagram Takeover for #DesignOnHPMkt.

Adelaide Oval

The Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, South Australia.

The Botanical GardensThe Mclaren Basin

My sacred space, The Botanical Gardens.                  The McLaren Basin, Aldinga, South Australia.
The place where I connect to all of my senses – Grange Jetty, Grange, South Australia. 

I was listening to this band called Mane on the radio in Adelaide during my visit so I will always remember this song.

“The talented Adelaide based goth pop group Mane, aka Paige Renee Court, has quickly developed a sound most artists spend a career trying to perfect. The singer builds immersive soundscapes with her haunting and distinctive vocals, which weave through dark electronic sounds.” (The

Let the walkabout continue!

Going Home

Going Home

Its been 8 years since I left Adelaide and my family.  I now embark a return journey with two beautiful girls and a dear and wonderful wife.  This is the world that I grew up dreaming and thinking about the importance of space that we live and work in.  Family and tradition is the keystone in making the right choices in life and how you design your way of thoughts.  I can’t wait for my children to feel the same way as I do.  More information on Adelaide to come.

A beautiful score from Alexandre Desplat for the movie The Shape of Water.  This music reminds me of Adelaide and the adventures I have had with my Italian family. I hope you enjoy!

Angelo Adamo & Andreu World

Angelo Adamo & Andreu World

I am so excited to announce that Andreu World has selected two projects, Pike Electric and Local 27101,  for their upcoming 2018/19 hospitality catalogue.  It is such an honor to be recognized by the Spanish manufacture. I consider Andreu World as one of the most high regarded furniture manufacture in the hospitality and workplace industry.

Pike Electric Local 27101.JPG

Pike Electric                                        Local 27101

Welcome to Angelo on Design!

Welcome to Angelo on Design!

Welcome to Angelo on design.  I am so fortunate to be able to share what I have learned during my 21 years as a professional designer in the USA since leaving Adelaide, Australia in 1996.

I have had plenty of high and lows moments, struggles, successes, and just pure luck scenarios while living in Chicago, New York City, and now North Carolina. My desire as a designer is the constant need to create a story and to discover the best products and materials to define my views.

My philosophies and perspectives in interior design are based upon my upbringing as a first generation Italian, as an Australian, my education in Sport Science and Interior Architecture, my work experiences in the USA, and my role as a husband and a father.

I have completed interior projects in almost every category, which has developed my intuition in evaluating human behavior and reactions to an interior. This a strength of mine that allows me to communicate ideas and select the best solutions.

We all have opinions influenced by memories from our past. What looks good to you is an objective view which is why the design industry has an abundance of styles and trends. Angelo on design is a source to guide your selections from the furniture markets and current trends to help you articulate your story or your clients.

Sometimes, there are occasions when a space feels right or reflects a particular room you may have been in before.  This is when you have tapped into your memory, which triggers a sense of belonging and purpose.  The art of design is not to follow a trend but to create your own with the influence of others.

Angelo on design can be a source to build that “trigger point” for you or your client.  I will connect you to the opinions of professional designers, identify market trends around the world, and get a glimpse of outstanding styles in residential, hospitality, and workplace environments.  Also, my connections to the Australian and New Zealand design industry will introduce fresh new furniture designers and artists that have yet to reach the US shores.

It is my role as a designer and blogger to express my version of the true meaning of balance, harmony, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, unity, pattern, color, and space.  Here’s to new adventures and living the dream!