Component construction system is transformative

JLA delivers quality, sustainable design on an accelerated timeline
Rending by JLA – Model Home in Petoskey, Michigan – Interiors by Angelo Adamo Design
To be completed May 2019

Jonathan Lee Architects (JLA) is breaking new ground in modular construction. Backed by decades of experience in residential design and years of research and development, JLA is pioneering new means and methods that save time, conserve resources and minimize waste. 

Component homes by JLA

The goal—create a one-stop-shop that can produce beautiful, efficient, functional spaces more quickly and more affordably than traditional construction methods can.

Component homes by JLA -Interior by Angelo Adamo Design

To that end, JLA is collaborating with Angelo Adamo Design of Traverse City. Angelo is an accomplished designer with a keen eye and a profound understanding of interior spaces and how we experience them.  A first-generation Italian/Australian, Angelo has established a design philosophy based on the science of perception using his modernist approach toward comfortable living. Angelo encourages meaningful and harmonious environments by fusing emotions to texture, color and scent.

Component Homes by JLA & Interiors by Angelo Adamo Design – A new way of living.

Together, JLA and Angelo Adamo Design are transforming an industry—changing not only the way we build, but the way we think about design and the role it plays in our lives.

Cape Cod Component home by JLA

For more information, please contact Jonathan Lee Architects – or
Angelo Adamo Design –

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