Phantom Thread

It will be difficult not to be influenced by the fashion trends of the 1950’s after watching Phantom Thread. A wonderful movie set in London’s couture world and another great performance by Daniel Day Lewis. The movie is about a genius, an obsession, and fashion, but it’s also a love story, a portrait of the work that goes into stitching two lives together.
Daniel Day-Lewis, for his part, decided that Reynolds Woodcock would have all his clothes made on Savile Row, at Anderson & Sheppard, a bespoke tailor that was established in 1906. These were the times when gentlemen were concerned about their clothes, shopped well, and always looked good because they were well made.

Phantom Thread 8.PNG

The richness and weight of fabrics were heavier in the 50’s because it wasn’t common to have air-conditioning, so clothes were less fitted and fabrics were heavier (32oz) to add more comfort.  Even though wearing well-tailored clothes was an indication of wealth and status,  you still had to have an element of style to appreciate custom clothing.   ALMA_AntiqueLaceGown_resized[2].jpg

I believe the impact of Phantom Thread will influence designers, like Tom Ford, to add more color and detail to their couture lines (see below).   I have also noticed more vibrant colors, deeper earthy tones, detailed stitching, and embroidery at the 2018 furniture markets.  I must admit, I do like the idea of mixing traditional fabrics and linens with natural building materials like wood and concrete.  Tom Ford 1.jpg

Tom Ford’s Spring 2018 Couture line.

With todays awareness of health and wellbeing,  there is more concern on how you are carrying ourselves.  Our interiors is a reflection on how we dress and look, which is heading towards the styles of a well-tailored suit. The interior trends of 2018 is tailored not only for comfort and luxury, but also for style and glamour (with splashes of color).  I think I will be watching Phantom Thread more than once. AAPhantom Thread 5.PNG

Phantom Thread 6.PNG

Phantom Thread 7.PNG

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