Franco Crea – An Aussie Inventor

Its been about a year when Franco and I discovered each other from social media.  Like me, Franco is from Adelaide and is first generation Italian.  His passion, heart, style, and craving to create are the reasons why we are working together to introduce his furniture in the USA.  Our goal is to manufacture certain collections in North Carolina to reduce lead times.  His outstanding reputation in Australia and his attention to detail distinguishes his collection from the main stream.  Elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, and tailored, describes Franco’s handcrafted furniture.  His Mesa stools can be shipped from Australia and delivered to the USA within 4-6 week . If you request more information on Franco Crea, contact me at .  More to come on Franco.

Mesa Table.PNG

Mesa table and Stools – Aesthetically light and durable. This compact laminate material provides the ultimate in beauty, strength, and practicality.  Designed to be used for indoor and outdoors, these elegant designed pieces are available in various sizes and finishes.
New Sofa coming soon by Franco Crea.  Exclusive look on angeloondesign.  More information to be released end of February 2018.


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